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Urgent Memorandum from the Cenral Committee of the Iraqi Communst Party, 20 March 2003

Urgent Memorandum from the Central Committee of the Iraqi Communist Party To: n Mr Kufi Annan, UN Secretary General n Members of the UN Security Council n European Union presidency n Mr Amro Mousa, Arab League Secretary General n Islamic Conference presidency n International Human Rights Organisations n All Parties, …

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THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF KURDISTAN PROGRAMME ———————————————————– OUR WORLD IN THE LAST YEARS OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY Socialist Countries The Struggles for National Independence Working Class New Social Movements Are Not Alternatives to, but Allies of the Working Class No Imperialist-Centred Globalisation! Capitalism, Nature, and Humanity The Struggle Against Imperialism …

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About Kurdish Communist Party (Komala) and Mahabad Republic

Kurdish Communist Party (Komala) Mahabad Republic See also: Kurds Kurdish Regional Government in Iraq ————————————————————- Kurdish Communist Party (Komala) by T. F. Mills In 1944 the Communists were the most organised faction in Kurdistan, and the Komala (Kurdish Communist Party) of Iran adopted a plain red-white-green horizontal tricolour. This flag …

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Massoud Barzani says: There Is No Threat to Kurdish Region

Massoud Barzani Says There Is No Threat to Kurdish Region Kurdistan Observer Jan 25, 2003 Birayeti, the KDP newspaper, reported last Wednsday that the KDP president leader Massoud Barzani held a meeting at the KDP Political Bureau headquarters with the secretaries and representatives of 30 Kurdistani political parties and groups. …

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Betraying the Kurds again U.S. Plan to send 10 000 Türkisch troops to Irak?

Betraying the Kurds again? U.S. plan to send 10,000 Turkish troops to Iraq has Kurdish leaders outraged — and analysts of all stripes incredulous at its folly. Salon.com By Michelle Goldberg Oct. 14, 2003 America has rarely lost an opportunity to betray the Iraqi Kurds, but this time was supposed …

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Statement of the Central Committee of the Kurdistan Communist Party-Iraq

Statement of the Central Committee of the Kurdistan Communist Party – Iraq Stop the Regime’s Chauvinist Campaign of Forcible Eviction and Deportation in Iraqi Kurdistan To: The UN Secretary General, Mr Kofi Annan .. To: Human Rights Organisations and the People of the World .. To Our Iraqi People and …

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