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Facing genocide in order to prevent new massacres to establish an equal and free future for all!

Facing genocide in order to prevent new massacres to establish an equal and free future for all
24th April 2020 marks the 105th commemoration of the genocide committed by the Ottoman-Committee of Genocide and their collaborators towards the Armenian, Assyrian-Assyrian-Chaldean, Nasturi, Pontus and Anatolian Greek and Ezidi people. We strongly condemn this horrific crime and urge the Republic of Turkey to accept, and to take responsibility, for this genocide.
The genocide began on 24th April 1915 and lasted until 1924. It was carried out systematically and in line with the class and political interests of the Ottoman rulers. Some imperialist countries during that period had explicitly given support to the committee in carrying out the genocide, whilst other imperialist countries contributed by being passive observers and showed no desire to do anything to either prevent the genocide from occurring or preventing it from continuing.
Preparation and implementation of the murderous plans for the Muslim-Turkification of the Ottoman, (later becoming the Republican territories) dates back to decades before the genocide of 1915. All of the massacres, genocides and destructions that had started in the 1880’s constituted to these preparations. This genocide, which can be viewed as an important historical stage in the Muslim-Turkification of Anatolia and the construction of the “Turkish Nation”, started the birth of the “indigenous” capital class through the seizure of the goods and living spaces of the massacred people. The dirty capital inherited lies with today’s “native” bourgeoisie.
Over the past 105 years we have witnessed constant series of lies and deception on these lands – from classifying peoples’ resistances as ‘harmful groups’ to the denial of the actual facts of the genocide. The worst part of this distorted historical narrative is not only that there is wrongful approach to its history, but that this approach is repeated in the same manner today. Those who praise the murderers (of which are those that had committed the genocide in the first place) declare that they will not hesitate in doing the same today.
The mentality that the Turkish government has inherited from the Ottoman Empire has continued uninterruptedly throughout the history of their Republic. Beginning from the massacre in Dersim through to the massacres committed in Maraş and Sivas, the Republic have not ceased re-implementing the same approach, no matter which government bearing office, and have extended their massacres even more recently into the provinces of Roboski, Cizre, Nusaybin and Sur. Their genocidal mentality has spread its attacks towards the Kurdish, Armenian, Assyrian and Ezdi people through to the Misak-Milli borders including; Afrin, Rojava, Kandil, Shengal and Maxmur.
Those who were removed from their own lands have become impoverished and traumatised. They have suffered a similar fate as the people of the Assyrian-Süryani- Chaldean, Nestorian, Pontus and Asia Minor Greeks. The genocide that the Ezdi people have faced in hands of imperialists and in the hands of the Republic of Turkey continues to be perpetuated onto others. The AKP-MHP block, which today claims the Ottoman dream of its inheritance, are in complete denial of the genocide and continues to falsify history, as has done for many decades.
We refer to a quote made by the revolutionary leader Paramaz, stating that “As long as persecution remains, the revolutionaries will continue to be born”. Our duty will continue until we eliminate the persecutors, the people who stole the bread of others. Our demand is to live with Armenians, Kurds, Alevi, Laz, Ezdi, Syriacs, Arabs and Copts together and with equal rights. Paramaz was one of the 20 revolutionary members of Hinchak and was executed in Beyazit Sqaure in 1915.
We must stand together for equality and freedom. We must raise our slogans higher and higher for an equal and free future for all people. We must face both historical and current genocides and stand against those that praise these genocides. We therefore invite each and every one of you to share our common struggle to overthrow the system of exploitation.
Long live the people!
European Democratic Forces Association


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