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UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura

Mr. Staffan de Mistura


UN Secretary General Mr. Antonio Gutierrez


Members of the UN

Security Council Envoys of the International Syria Support Group

EU Parliament and Ambassadors to the Political and Security Committee

Your Excellency,

There has not been a place for the representatives of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS) in the latest talks in Sochi on January 29-30 nor in the last eight rounds of the Geneva peace negotiations.

As international democratic opinion is aware, the peoples of this area have been fighting ISIS and other radical groups and have succeeded in building a peaceful secular, pluralist and democratic society. Despite political and economic isolation there have been great achievements in the fields of gender equality and sustainable stability.

We believe that the participation of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS) in forthcoming negotiations regarding Syria’s future is an absolute necessity for achieving lasting and valid peace and stability, as the DFNS is not a proxy for anyone and is not following any neighbouring country’s agenda, but is in fact an organic component of Syrian society and aims to defend and to preserve the national unity of Syria.

Turkey has chosen to support ISIS and other radical Islamist groups and to interfere in Syria´s internal affairs. Thus, has caused a peaceful solution to be delayed.

The recent Turkish aggression against Afrin, which has been one of the stable conflict-free areas of Syria, is a clear example of how Turkey acts to destabilize any peace and stability that has been achieved. The recent and ongoing armed attacks by Turkey in Kurdish areas in Northern Syria are likely to constitute:

– Crimes against Humanity;

– Grave Breaches of the Laws of War; and

– Unprovoked Aggression

The armed attacks are directly ordered by President Erdogan himself who publicizes this far and wide. The sole reason President Erdogan invokes in justification for this intervention is that the people attacked are ethnic Kurds.

It is the responsibility of the United Nations to safeguard against threats to international peace and security, and to act immediately to stop such threats.

By fighting the democratic forces and the Kurdish liberation movement in the region, Turkey also hopes to be able to conceal the Kurdish issue at home.

There is plenty of evidence that Kurdish people want to see a peaceful resolution and have decided to choose peaceful and democratic methods to find lasting solutions for the

problems in the region. Their principled stand is an obstacle to the countries that want to interfere in Syria´s democratic future.

We therefore urge you to kindly:

1. Invite the representatives of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS) as a major step towards a sustainable democratic solution.

2. Minimize Turkey´s efforts as it interferes in Syria´s internal affairs by supporting a variety of radical groups who lack a transparent political identity and who serve ethnic discrimination, sectarianism, hostility towards women and misogyny.

3. Stop Turkey´s invasion and current attack on Afrin. By the invasion of parts of Syria, Turkey aims to shatter Syria´s national unity and thus extend the current civil war as it benefits Turkey politically and economically. It will also work as a pretext to not want to solve the Kurdish question in Turkey.

4. The participation of the representatives of the DFNS will give the conference more democratic legitimacy and democratic dialogue and a focus on sustainable political agreement and a need for a decentralized Syria which can have peaceful relations with its neighbours and the world.

5. The participation of the representatives of the DFNS can for the first time of all these negotiations give concrete examples of how to build a democratic pluralist and secular society; how to decentralize Syria into a democratic confederate or federal structure while holding Syria together in an organic unity.

6. The participation of the representatives of the DFNS can be an active player in the committee that will be formed to establish a new constitution for Syria based on decentralization and democracy.

7. We believe that together we can bring Syrian refugees home from Turkey as they have been used as a confined and enslaved labour force, forced marriage, child-marriage and forcible recruitment for participation in Free Syrian Army, FSA which Turkey uses as a foot-solder for its own military advances in Syria.

8. We believe that together, we as a future democratic government, must show our gratitude and appreciation thank all member countries in the coalition and others who have been helping Syrian people to overcome the civil war, to stop the Islamist terrorist radicals and neighbouring intervention.

9. We believe that a prerequisite to a successful future conference is to stop Turkey´s aggression on Afrin, and to help the DFNS politically and logistically so they can be self-sufficient as the population of the area is eager to build a civilized democratic society.

Yours sincerely

Adem Uzun

Executive Member of the KNK on behalf of the all listed Kurdish and Assyrians organisatios and religious groups (Ezidi, Yarsan, Christians)

Kurdistan National Congress – KNK

YNK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan)

PYD (Democratic Union Party)


HSDK (Socialist Democrats Party of Kurdistan)

PÎK (Islamic Party of Kurdistan)

KCD-E (Democratic Society Congress of Kurds in Europe)

Communist Part of Kurdistan

Yekgirtûyî Islam in Kurdistan

Association of Islam in Kurdistan

TJKE (Kurdistan Women’s Movement in Europe)

Kurdistan Êzidi Federation

E.S.U (Assyrians Union in Europe)

Assyrians Party in Rojava

PJAK (Party of Free Life of Kurdistan)

Zehmetkêşanî Party of Kurdistan

Ayindeyî Party of Kurdistan

HDP Europe

P.D.K.S (Party of Democrat Kurds in Syria)

P.Ç.D.K-S (Party of Democrat Left Kurds – Syria)

PÇK-S (Party of Left Kurd – Syria)

Party of Green in Kurdistan

Kurdish Institute Brussels

Association of Democratic Yarsan

PYNA (Party of Free National Union)Rojava

T.N.K.S (Movement of Nûjen Kurdistan – Syria ) Assemble of Şengalê in Foreign Country

Dîwexanî Kurds in Europa

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